Franschhoek Cottages Accommodation

You have wanted to get together with your friends at Franschhoek for a long time but one thing gets in the way – where will you get comfortable, affordable accommodation that can take all of you? The traditional way to go on holiday has always been to stay in hotels but with many people looking to cut holiday costs villas and cottages for hire are becoming more and more popular.
These are properties that can be rented out for a few days or a few weeks depending on the duration of your holiday. The reason why so many are choosing to holiday this way is because it comes with advantages that you wouldn’t find in a hotel. The first is just how much room you have to yourselves. Hotel rooms are hardly ever spacious – if you want a roomy one you have to pay lots of money. With a villa or a cottage you get en-suite bedrooms. A living room, large bathrooms, a yard with a swimming pool in it and you may even get a Jacuzzi and a barbeque.
Worried that this would cost more than you are willing to pay? You shouldn’t be; renting cottage or villa accommodation at Franschhoek is a lot cheaper than renting several rooms in a hotel. you also save money because you don’t have to eat hotel meals – Franschhoek villas and cottages have a self catering option which means that you prepare your own meals. Since you are travelling as a group you can take turns doing this, or the best chefs in the group can take over all meal preparation. All you need to worry about are kitchen supplies which you can buy locally after you arrive.
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