Gold Britannia coins

Weighing about 31.103 grams, the Britannia 1oz gold coin was initially introduced in 1987 by the Royal mint. It was quite popular among investors, which led to the Royal Mint to produce it in silver in 1997 and platinum in 2017. With a face value of £100, all the British Britannia gold coins produced starting the year 2013 have 1 ounce (about 31.1 grams) of pure grade gold bullion. The Britannia gold coin was crafted by Philip Nathan, who many consider a great craftsman and designer of coins icon. Philip later described the coin as powerful, elegant, feminine, peaceful, and commanding.


The Gold Britannia coins minted from 1987 to 2012 have 32.69 millimeters of diameter. The 22-carat coins were made with an ounce of Gold, mixed with 2.95 grams of copper until 1989 and then silver from 1990 to 2012, which led to the change of color of the coin.

In 2013 the Royal mint switched it to a 24-carat of fine Gold with a diameter of 38.61 millimeters. In its first year of production in 2013, it was a thin and flat coin of about 1.6 -1.65 millimeters thickness, which only lasted one year. In 2014 the royal mint returned to the original diameter of 32.69millimeters and 2.8 millimeters of thickness, although it retained its 24-carat property. It is also worth mentioning that both the 22-carat and 24-carat British Britannia coin has the same amount of Gold; hence their price is similar.

Like all the coins in Great Britain, The 1oz Gold Britannia has the face of QUEEN Elizabeth the second on the front and the head of Great Britain’s legendary icon Britannia (her image symbolizes great Britain’s integrity and strength) on the back(reverse) of the coin. Her image has been used on coins since the Roman empire times.


The pricing of the coin is approximately £1,477, depending on the seller. With their status as Great Britain’s legal tender, they are quite popular in the United Kingdom and considered bestseller investment products in Britain. Since they are Great Britain’s legal tender, they are exempted from both Value Added Tax (VAT) and Capital gains tax (CGT) hence popular to many investors. The 1oz British Britannia coin is available 1/10, 1, 1/2, and 1/4oz denominations. It is also an ounce equivalent of the Krugerrand coin. The Britannia 1oz gold coin is among the hardest to counterfeit because of its radial and sunburst design.

Investing on the Britannia 1oz gold coin

Investment in the Britannia gold coin assures you a tax-free profit in case of a sale hence quite an efficient way of storing your wealth. Investing in these coins also means that you own physical bullion with real value not only on paper but also physically. Your storage decisions of the Britannia 1oz gold coin coins will highly depend on the amount of investment as high investments require a safe, sizable, and environment-friendly condition storage for the coins.

General Features and Specifications

•Has a gold content of a troy 1oz 999.99 fineness

•Has a diameter of about 32.69 millimeters

•Are generally packaged in single coin capsules

•Jody Clark designed the obverse while Philip Nathan designed the reverse.

•It contains an alloy of 999.99 Au fine Gold.

•It is officially minted and distributed by The Royal Mint.